Tatra Mountains

Tatra mountains are the main karst region (ca 50 km2) in Poland and the only one of alpine-like caves. Click here to read more informations.

Krakowsko - Wielunska Upland

Krakowsko - Wielunska Upland (Jura) between Cracow and Wielun has ca 2500 km2 area and 160 km length. It's build from jurassic limestone. There are almost 1400 caves and holes, mostly horizontal.

List of caves sorted by length

Wierna le. 1027 dp. 30
Wierzchowska Gorna le. 975 de. 25
Szachownica I le. 600 dp. --
Pod Skipirzepa le. 450 dp. 9
Pietrowa Szczelina le. 400 dp. 45
Koralowa le. 380 dp. 34
Nietoperzowa le. 326 de. 23
Twardowskiego le. 300 dp. 16
Ciesenae le.ca. 300 dp. ??
Studnisko le. 296 dp. 75
Smocza Jama le.276 de. 15
Lokietka le. 270 dp. --
Kryspinowska le. 255 dp. 5
Szeroki Awen le. 250 dp. 44
Siewierska II le. 250 dp. 6
Olsztynska - Wszystkich Swietych le. 245 dp. 24
Szeptunow (Szmaragdowa) le. 218 de. 23
Wiercica le. 210 dp. 31
Szachownica II le. 200 dp. --
Krysztalowa le. 200 de. 14

List of caves sorted by depth

Studnisko le. 300 dp. 75
Januszkowa Szczelina * le. 180 gl. 56
Pietrowa Szczelina le. 400 dp. 45
Szeroki Aven le. 250 dp. 44
Blotna le. 140 dp. 42
Urwista le. 126 dp. 39
Ciasny Aven le. 150 dp. 37
Na Swiniuszce le. 127 dp. 37
Studnia Szpatowcow le. 58 dp. 36
Koralowa le. 370 dp. 35
Wiercica le. 380 dp. 34
Wierna le. 1027 dp. 30
Jama Ani (Jaskinia w Studni) le. 150 dp. 30

*now accessible only 50 m.Fall !
Included caves above 200 m long and 30 m deep.
updated August 1997

Flysch Carpatians

Main region of tectonic and pseudokarst caves in Poland are Karpaty Fliszowe (Flysch Carpatians).
Till Oct 1995, 401 caves and holes was known,(total length 7271 m.). The deepest cave is Diabla Dziura in Bukowiec (in Pogorze Ciezkowickie), the longest is W Trzech Kopcach cave (in Beskid Slaski). Mostly tectonic caves in Karpaty Fliszowe are small,narrow objects; only 14 of them are longer than 100 m. and 9 are deeper than 14 m.(July 1995). Pieniny mountains a part of Carpatians are also an area of caves occurrence. Most of ca 50 caves are situated in a limestones but are pseudokarst origin. The longest cave in Pieniny Klippen Belt is Jaskinia w Ociemnem.

List of caves sorted by length

W Trzech Kopcach le. 848 dp. --
Diabla Dziura in Bukowiec le. 350 dp. 42
Niedzwiedzia le. 340 dp. 28
W Ociemnem le. 206 dp. 48
Gangosiowa Jama le. 190 dp. --
Mroczna le. 175 dp. 17
Malinowska le. 164 dp. 22,7
Chlodna le. 117 dp. 16,5
W Klimczoku le. 114 dp. --
Mysiorowa Jama n. Zagorz le. 110 dp. --
Szczelina Lipowicka le. 105 dp. --
Szkieletowa le. 106 dp. 17
Pieninska le. 101 dp. 18
W Sopotni Wielkiej le. 101 dp. --

List of caves sorted by depth

W Ociemnem le. 206 dp. 48
Diabla Dziura in Bukowiec le. 350 dp. 42
Niedzwiedzia le. 340 dp. 28
Malinowska le. 164 dp. 22,7
Pieninska le. 101 dp. 18
Mroczna le. 175 dp. 17
Szkieletowa le. 106 dp. 17
Nad Polana Sosnowka le. 94 dp. 16
Chlodna le. 117 dp. 16,5

Included caves longer than 100 m. or deeper than 10 m.

Gdansk Martime

Gdansk Martime is a region of the lowest situated caves in Poland. There are only four small objects known of non karst origin:
Spiacego Szweda cave in Gdynia-Orlowo 15m long cave in solidified Pleistocene sands. Entrance ca 20m over sea level, ca 70m from sea shore. [MAP OF CAVE]
Goryla cave in Gdynia-Orlowo. Entrance 15m over sea level, length 22.5m, also in solidified sand.[MAP OF CAVE]
Cave in Mechowo village near Puck. 50 meters long object of curious quasi-karst origin.It occures in sand cemented by limestone adhesive.(CaCo2 had been washed out from moraine clay.) There are small pale stalactites inside and picturesque columns at the entrance.Now is preserved but accesible for tourists.. [MAP OF CAVE]
Cave in Polchowo5.5m long "niche"in block of sandstone. [MAP OF CAVE]

Swietokrzyskie Mountains

140 caves are known in this area, mostly small objects in Devonian limestones. Only two of them are fair-sized: Chelosiowa Jama the longest cave outside Tatras and one of the most beautiful in Poland -Raj cave.

Chelosiowa Jama le. 3670 de. 61
Raj Cave le. ca. 240 dp. --


There are more than 70 caves known in Sudetes with Niedzwiedzia the most beautiful cave in Poland. Most of the caves were found in the quarries and many of them were destroyed. ( for example second longest in Sudetes cave W Rogozce - 350 m. long) Sudetes are the area of so called island karst (total area ca 15 km2). Caves are developed in a lens of metamorphic limestones (marbles)but there are also caves of non karst origin developed in granites and sandstones.

Niedzwiedzia Cave in Kletno le. ca.2230 de. 80
Szczelina Wojcieszowska le. ca. 500 de. 126 ?? or 112 (+19-93)

Nida river basin (Niecka Nidzianska)

Region with 50 caves developed in gypsum. Skorocicka Cave ca 190 m. is the longest.

EPIMENIDES CAVE PAGE: http://panda.bg.univ.gda.pl/~dbart