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Title Cover, Jaskinie - The Caves #7, Krakow 1997
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Bulletin of the Caving Commission of Polish Mountaineering Association Published by ZRGiW AMC Krakow

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Front cover (page 1):
Studnia z Lodowymi Firankami (Pitch with ice curtains) Verlorenenweghohle; photo by S. Kotarba
Back cover (page 40):
Ariadnahohle - entrance pitch; photo by A. Dajek.
The Monte Canin Massif; photo by M. Gradzinski

From the editors

It is our honour to present the special issue of the journal "Jaskinie", which means caves in English. The issue is published on the occasion of l2th International Speleological Congress. The main target of the publication is to describe the main achievements of Polish caving that have been done throughout last five years.
There where many expeditions abroad. The Austrian Alps were traditionally the goal of numerous Polish expeditions (see articles by Ciszewski, Rysiecki, Bolek, Kondratowicz, Rogalski and Amirowicz). The spectacular exploration results were also yielded by expeditions to the Picos de Europa (see article by Jedrzejczak). Besides Polish cavers carried out exploration in the karst massifs of the Julian Alps (see papers by Kasprzyk et al, Zawierucha and Pukowski).
There was also some exploration activity outside Europe. In l994 an expedition led by Tomasz K. Pryjma discovered some caves in the Sierra Juarez Oest massif (Mexico). The depth of -473.5 m was achieved in one of them. Besides it Poles carried out the exploration in Turkey (see article by Adamek) and Vietnam (see article by Cygan).
It should be mentioned that Poles also participated in international events. Malgorzata Kosior-Roemer joined the exploration of Lechugilla cave, while a five-man group of the University of Poznan took part in an expedition led by Stein-Erik Lauritzen which explored the karst massifs of the northern Norway, beyond the Arctic Circle, where several small caves were discovered.
The group of Warsaw cavers climbed out of several caves in Poland and of Sistema Cheve using alpinist techniques (see article by Francuz).
Many small groups went to large cave systems for training. In 1994 team from Katowice led by Dariusz Pietak went to Pierre Saint-Martin and Gouffre Soudet. In the same year the cavers from STJ KW Krakow led by Michal Gradzinski visited Gouffre Berger in cooperation with their French friends. A Spain cave - Sistema Garma Ciega - Cellagua was the target of a group from Bielsko-Biala led by Waclaw Michalski. The expedition to Provatina organized by cavers from Zagan in the spring 1996 is also worth mentioning. Besides numerous teams chose as their target caves in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, the Ukraine and also Sardinia.
The linking of Wielka Sniezna with Wielka Litworowa, situated in the Czerwone Wierchy massif of the Western Tatra Mts., was the most spectacular exploration achievement in Poland. The total vertical extent of Wielka Sniezna, the deepest system in Poland, was extended to 814 m (+7, -807) (see article by Jokiel).
One can find inside this issue, besides the above mentioned articles concerning Polish achievements, the articles discussing the structure and the history of Polish caving (see papers by Gajewska and Wisniewski). Moreover, the paper by Michal Gradzinski characterizes the distribution of caves in Poland and the latest exploration results.

J. Duleba, M. Gradzinski
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