Jaskinie - The Caves, issue 12

Jaskinie - The Caves, issue 60 (3/2010)

Polish activity abroad

Our small jubilee - Mariusz Polok

The author summarizes five years of his club's activity in the Valbona Valley in the north of Albania. They have surveyed 88 caves with the total length of 2654 m. Sphella Haxhise is the longest (365 m) and the deepest – Shpella Sportive (explored to ca. 200 m). They use for surveing a CaveSniper device.

Lava tubes of the Reykjanes Peninsula - Adam Kaczuba

The author became interested in caves by visiting Raufarhólshellir in Island, where he lives. He, and some other Poles living there too, he created a Polish caving club in Island – Polski Klub Wulkano. They have hitherto penetrated some 70 lava tubes, mainly on the Reykjanes Peninsula. A few of them are described in this article. Búri is one of the Earth's widest tubes, up to 10 m in diameter. The final lava fall, shaped as a pitch 13 m deep, is the deepest lava shaft known. The other caves have various characters, some are maze-like, some include colourful lava falls, one is geothermally heated to about 20°C.

Condemned to… MEXICO! - Jerzy Zygmunt and Damian Sprycha

The authors with many Polish colleagues from Silesian clubs and with two Mexican cavers from Base Draco explored caves in Mexican state Michoacan and at the southern margin of the Chihuhua Desert during several expeditions in years 2006-2010. The biggest explored cave was La Vinata, 3300 m long and terminating with sumps.

Papua-Indonesia 2010 - Grzegorz Ku¶piel

Account of the third Sosnowiec caving expedition to Papua-Indonesia in 2010
Caving club AVEN from Sosnowiec organized an expedition to Indonesian Papua in January-March 2010. In the Baliem valley they explored a 300 m-wide karst shaft, about 100 m deep, with a cave continuing down. They stopped at the depth of 168 for the want of rope and time. They explored also some other, smaller caves.

"Kosovo-speleodiving" – GNJ expedition 2010 - Dominik Graczyk

Cave divers from Grupa Nurków Jaskiniowych (Cave Divers' Group) went to Kosovo, using contacts with Montenegro cavers and Slovaks, who have dived in these caves earlier. They dived in Shpella e Kroit, in a resurgence used as water intake in village Vrelle, in Shpella e Dushit and in the greatest cave of Kosovo Shpella Gryka e Madhe.


A forgtten cave in the Western Tatra Mountains - Michał Gradziński

A little known cave, Maleńka w Smreczyńskim, though described in a publication in 1993 has been omitted in the later official inventory. It is a crevasse-type cave in the crest built of crystalline schists. The cave is 5 long and 2.5 m deep and is the only cave known in metamorphic rocks of the Western Tatra.

Jaskinia Wschodnia Na Kadzielni - Jan Kotwica – supplement

Jaskinia Wschodnia Na Kadzielni is situated in an old limestone quarry, now converted into a park in the central part of Kielce. A part of the cave was inaccessible for decades after ground work at the surface. Cavers from Kielce passed a boulder chock and surveyed the cave, which is now 100 m long.

Caves of Tomaszówki Dolne in Będkowska Valley - Andrzej Górny, Anita Kwartnik-Puc, Mariusz Szelerewicz

A limestone crag named Tomaszówki Dolne in the limestone upland near Kraków contains a series of closely spaced small caves. The authors used precision surveying to restore the mutual spatial position of all the genetically linked caves.

Michał Gradziński, Grzegorz Haczewski, Jakub Nowak i Mariusz Szelerewicz.
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