Jaskinie - The Caves, issue 18

Jaskinie - The Caves, issue 51 (2/2008)


Gypsum caves in the taiga of northern Russia - Pinega 2008

Maciek Mieszkowski

Six cavers from SG Wrocław, in company of their colleagues from Brest and Arkhangelsk, went to see gypsum caves near Arkhangelsk in Northern Russia in March-April 2008. The caves are developed in a 60 m-thick series of horizontally lying Permian gypsum. More than 450 caves are known in the area, up to 16.5 km long. The caves are heavily iced in winter. Some caves have active rivers courses, even in winter. Many caves are easily inundated after heavy rains.

Expedition to Serbia - August 2007

Underwater de-exploration

Kasia Kędracka, Andrzej Szerszeń

Nine cavers from SG Wrocław and Speleoklub Warszawski went to dive in Serbia in August 2008, accompanied by a caver from Beograd. Neither of the two sumps visited could be explored. In Raca Sora a dense accumulation of organic material in a narrow passage prevented access to the deepest part, while Rakin Ponor proved 16 m shallower than described, due to intense accumulation of silt.

Feichtnerschacht 2008 - a bottom or a loop?

Jakub Nowak

Exploration of Feichtnerschacht in the Austrian Kitzsteinhorn massif was continued by KKTJ from Kraków in March-April 2008. With more than 500 m of new series, the cave is now 6 km long. A new down-going series, explored to the depth of -770 m and still going, may lead to the deepest known series or may prove to be another, independent "bottom".

"You are crazy" - "Skalarjevo Brezno winter expedition"

Paweł Ramatowski

Skalarjevo Brezno, 911 m deep, has one of the highest entrances in the Kanin massif. Its potential connection with Mala Boka may increase the depth of the system above 1900 m. Two cavers fom STJ KW Kraków took part in expedition Kota1000/Cavex in February 2008, led by Oldřich Stos "Spider". Despite extremely heavy snow, the team of 21 cavers from seven countries successfully prepared the cave for farther exploration, that is for an attempt at bypassing the final sump.


Touring the caves of Kenya and Tanzania

Andrzej Wojtoń

Touring caves in Kenya and Tanzania are mostly lava tubes and karst caves in corraline limestones. Lists of the longest and deepest caves of Africa are included.

Caving contests in Minsk and in Moscow

Monika Donaj, Maciek Mieszkowski

Two groups of cavers from SG Wrocław took part in caving contests in Minsk and near Moscow. The events were well prepared, participants presented a technical high level, even though some of the winners have never been to a cave before.


Via ad Caelum in Śnieżna Studnia

Filip Filar

Exploration in Śnieżna Studnia in the Tatra Mountains, in a series approaching the nearest valley bottom from beneath, eliminated most known leads. The fragments closest to the surface are in fragile, weathered rock. The cave is now 12 050 m long.

Caves in Dolina Szklarska

Jakub Nowak

Caves of the Szklarka stream valley west of Kraków have been explored and surveyed by the author and his colleagues in years 2004-2007. The total length of 79 caves attains ca. 950. Szeroki Awen, 270 m long and 59 m deep, is the longest and the deepest. Descriptions and plans of a few new caves are presented.

Michał Gradziński, Grzegorz Haczewski, Jakub Nowak i Mariusz Szelerewicz.
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