Jaskinie - The Caves, issue 18

Jaskinie - The Caves, issue 50 (1/2008)


Hoher Göll 2007

Mateusz Golicz

A team of cavers from WKTJ Poznań and RKG Nocek Ruda ¦l±ska, led by Mateusz Golicz, explored caves in the Hoher Göll massif in Austria in July 2007. They explored extensive new series in Hochschartehöhlensystem, adding 1683 m to its length. Many leads were left because of the shortage of time. Two small new caves were also explored, 387 m long in total.

Abkhasia - Diving in Mchishta

Andrzej Szerszeń

Three Polish cave divers from joint an all-Russian expedition to the greatest resurgence of the former Soviet Union - Mchishta in Abkhasia, in February 2007. Mchishta, with the average discharge of 20 cubic metres per second, collects underground waters from the Bzibski Massif, known for its three deep cave systems of nearly a kilometre and more. Mchishta has about 4 km of dry galleries and many leads, including sumps. The entrance sump is 240 long and 45 m deep, with a branch descending to 82 m. It leads to two separate parts of the cave. Base camps have been organized behind the sump, with a daily communication by supply divers from outside. The dry parts of the cave are spacious and rich in speleothems. The expedition reinstalled guide lines and made some progress in exploration.

Early in 2008, another expedition connected a neighbouring dry cave to Mchishta, thus opening a dry access to one part of it.

In search for underground spaces of Yunnan

Piotr Sienkiewicz

Three cavers from STJ KW Kraków and one from SSE Karakorum went to the north-western mountainous part of Chinese Yunnan province in November 2007. Starting from Liu Ji village, they made reconnaissance trips to surrounding massifs. Elevation differences between valleys and crests exceed two kilometres, but the team did not locate any notable resurgences. Most entrances led to short caves. The biggest explored and surveyed cave consisted of a huge chamber with several short side passages. Climate is favourable, but the thick growth of bamboo makes progress slow.

Resurgences in Montenegro

Andrzej Szerszeń

Five divers from Warsaw, Kraków and Belgrade dived in resurgences of Montenegro at the break of 2007/2008. First they dived in the Prokletje Mountains in Vusanije village. They descended to 64 m in Savino Oko. Then they went the Malo Blato Lake near the Shkoder Lake and dived in two resurgences located in the lake, far the lake shore. The reached 24 and 16 m. The area seems promising for divers.

Kanin - "in the Moonland"

Paweł Ramatowski and Piotr Sienkiewicz

Seven cavers from Kraków continued exploration in the Kanin massif in Slovenia. Exploration in BC10 was aimed at finding a shorter way to the deep parts of BC4. A marked progress was through extremely narrow series to a place still 200 m straight above BC4. Cleaning was done in Polska Jama with some small exploration. Surface search brought several new leads, some looking well. Entrances in the Polish sector were mapped using GPS.


Caves of W±wóz Żarski

Andrzej Górny and Mariusz Szelerewicz

The authors surveyed all caves in a lateral ravine, tributary to the Racławka Valley, west of Kraków. The longest of the nine caves is 143 m. They contain remnants of largely destroyed speleothem decoration and have provided archaeological artefacts dating from Mediaeval through modern times.

Karstic caves in Strzelce Opolskie quarry on the Silesian Upland

Wojciech Rogala

Five extant and destroyed fissures and shelters are described from an abandoned quarry of Middle Triassic limestones.

Zimowa cave a bit longer

Andrzej Wojtoń

The author explored and surveyed several leads noted earlier in Zimowa, a cave in a big active quarry in the Sudetes. He found the series already devastated, apparently by mineral collectors. The length of the cave increased from 60 to 103 m.

Translated by Grzegorz Haczewski

Michał Gradziński, Grzegorz Haczewski, Jakub Nowak i Mariusz Szelerewicz.
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