Jaskinie - The Caves, issue 13

Jaskinie - The Caves, issue 49 (4/2007)

Polish Activity abroad:

In the inner workings of the Arabika - Maciek Mieszkowski

Cavers from Sekcja Grotołazów Wrocław, in company of their colleagues from Byelarus and Russia, explored deep caves of the Arabika Plateau in Abkhasia, near the world’s deepest cave, in August 2007. The added aggregated ca. 250 of new vertical extent in various caves and surveyed ca. 600 m of survey lines. They also made some new surveys, where the existing ones were confusing.

Caves above the clouds - Kasia Biernacka and Marcin Gala

The authors, accompanied by a 1.5 year daughter, participated in a great (33 cavers) international expedition to the Pea Castil – Tortorios – Moas – Uriellu area in the central massif of the Picos de Europa, Spain. In Piedras Verdes (PC-26) the expedition tried to bypass the final sump at -1165 m. A bypass was not found, hence Alan Warild dived in the sump. He reached the depth of 22 m in a giant phreatic tube and saw it continue for at least 5 more metres. Another goal was Torca del Valle del Agua (VA-1), explored earlier to -544m and now deepened to -806 m. There are leads left and the cave may potentially reach -1100 m. PC-31, near the summit of the Peńa Castil, at altitude of 2300 m, opened its ice choke, known for years, but no way to greater depths was found.

Picos de Europa 2007. Something ends… and what begins? - Sebastian Kalisz

Thirteen cavers from Speleoclub Wrocław and Rudzki Klub Grotołazów in Ruda Śląska went in August 2007 to continue their multiyear efforts in the western massif of the Picos de Europa. Bad weather and the lack of open leads made them think of new areas of exploration. An offer from CEV Valencia may be a hope the years to come.

Hagengebirge 2007 - Radosław Paternoga

Sopocki Klub Taternictwa Jaskiniowego and Sekcja Grotołazów Wrocław went to the Hagengebirge massif in Austria in August 2007. They continued exploration of Höhle in Roten Steinen. They tried to continue down through the wet course, but this surprisingly ended in a sump at -644 m. They tried the less promising, dry, old series and reached the end at -862 m. The „true” way down still remains to be found. Surface exploration has shown that an area east and above the explored cave proved promissing. Respektschacht found there was explored to ca. -200 m and will be the team’s main goal in 2008.

Norway - Dariusz Bartoszewski

Nine cavers from Sopocki Klub Taternictwa Jaskiniowego went for a two weeks „speleotouring” trip to northern Norway in June 2007.

Tatra Mountains:

More news from Mała - Marek Lorczyk

The last two years in Mała cave (Jaskinia Mała) in the Tatra Mountains resulted in some new discoveries. The attempts to deepen the cave failed, but its depth was now reliably surveyed as -555 m. A few interesting pitches and galleries were explored, but they usually ended in known series. The cave is now 3760 m long and may be still longer.

Żar 2007 - Jakub Nowak

Several small caves were surveyed in the Żar massif in eastern slopes of the Kościeliska Valley in the Tatra Mountains.

Cow’s tails in caving and canyoning - Sylvain Borie, Gérard Cazes, Nicolas Clément, José Mulot

Polish translation of a paper on technical tests of cow’s tails translated from http://efs.ffspeleo.fr/get/longes/longes.htm

Michał Gradziński, Grzegorz Haczewski, Jakub Nowak i Mariusz Szelerewicz.
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