Jaskinie - The Caves, issue 33

Jaskinie - The Caves, issue 45 (4/2006)

Symposium dedicated to Jerzy Głazek

A symposium dedicated to Professor Jerzy Głazek at the opportunity of the 50 years of his work as a scientist was held in Ciązeń near Poznań at 8-10 December 2006. More than 60 participants from Poland, Czech Republic and Germany gathered to honour the leader of Polish geological studies on karst. He has solved various geological and geomorphological problems related to karst and caves and introduced many modern techniques and concepts to karst studies in Poland. Jerzy Głazek participated in pioneering studies on the cave levels in the Tatra Mountains and in the first dye tests of underground water courses in Poland, he introduced to Poland the use of isotopic dating of speleothems and demonstrated the value of the geological studies on fossil karst. The best known internationally among his publications are those on various aspects of fossil karst.

A block on cave photography

This issue includes, on pages 11-22, the first in a series of blocks dedicated to cave photography. It is related to the yearly Waldemar Burkacki International Competition in Cave Photography in Warsaw. The block includes a general introduction to photographing in caves by Katarzyna Biernacka (pages 11-13), a paper by Chris Howes with advice for cave photographers who want to use digital cameras in caves (pages 14-15), a text by Ryszard Gradziński on cave photography half century ago (pages 16-17) an interview with Wojtek Szabelski, since 2004 a jury member for Waldemar Burkacki International Competition in Cave Photography (page 17), and a selection of photographs from the 2006 competition (pages 18-22).

Aven d'Orgnac France, ph. M. Gala, K. Biernacka

"Explore", Grava d'Inverno-Monti Italy
ph. F. Maurano
(Waldemar Burkacki's - photo contest)

"Grotte Rantely ", France
ph. A. Schober
(Waldemar Burkacki's - photo contest)
"Crusing with the boat" Planinska Jama Slovenia
ph. P. Gedei
(Waldemar Burkacki's - photo contest)
"Travellers 1", Buhui Cave, Romania
ph. S. Kotarba
(Waldemar Burkacki's - photo contest)
"The center of earth 2", Zubis Camilieri
ph. C. Mangiagalli
(Waldemar Burkacki's - photo contest)

Wąwóz Kraków. Caves surveyed in 2006 - Jakub Nowak

Eleven small caves and shelters were surveyed near the Wąwóz Kraków ravine in the Tatra Mountains.

The second cave in Poland - Filip Filar

Exploration in 2006 made Śnieżna Studnia the second longest cave in Poland with 11,700 m. A survey and a description is presented of the newly discovered series.

"Alienuszka" Ozierna Cave Ukraine, ph. A. Dobrzański (Waldemar Burkacki's - photo contest)

Dująca Cave - Maciej Pawełczyk

Dująca (Blowing) Cave in sandstones and shales of the western part of the Beskidy Mountains was discovered in 2004 by spotting a patch of melted snow. Initial digging led to a fissure with strong drought (hence the name). A complete survey and description of the cave is presented. The cave is 582 m long and 18 m deep.

News from the Góry Wałbrzyskie hills - Monika Daszkiewicz

Three small caves in rhyolites were surveyed in the Mniszek hill near Wałbrzych in the south-west of Poland.

"Source de Rantely", France, ph. A. Schober, (Waldemar Burkacki's - photo contest)

Pajęcza Cave - exploration of Ropne series - Andrzej Kasza, Michał Saganowski

Pajęcza cave is situated in a big abandoned quarry in the outskirts of Kielce, several metres from the entrance to Chelosiowa Jama. Exploration included digging through boulder chokes and mud sumps. The recently explored part of the cave is contaminated with oil from quarry operation. Discovered in 1997, the cave is now 1183 m long and has vertical extent of 22.5 m.

Michal Gradziński, Grzegorz Haczewski, Jakub Nowak, Mariusz Szelerewicz, Renata Tęczar
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