Jaskinie - The Caves, issue 36

Jaskinie - The Caves, issue 36 (3/2004)


Göll 2003 - Zbigniew Rysiecki

A team of 15 from four clubs n WKTJ PoznaO, KKSZ, AKG AGH Kraków and RKG "Nocek" Ruda ¦l±ska, led by Zbigniew Rysiecki, went the Göll massif with Schrtenschaft as the main goal. A new series starting at -600 m led to series of wide horizontal galleries. Exploration from it led to the depth of -795 m, making the whole cave deeper by 1 m. A few leads were left. Na Warstwie and Tylna caves were explored and surveyed. The latter has still some leads. "Studnia Żółtodziobów" appeared chocked with ice at -187 m. New promissing problems were explored in Gruberhornhöhle. The results of this expedition sum up to 22 new caves and 2218 m of new galleries, while the whole 15-years activity brought about 112 caves of 31 km total length.
Dolinendom entrance, ph. Z. Rysiecki
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Zeferethöhle - comeback after many years - Andrzej Ciszewski

In April 2004 Andrzej Ciszewski went with his team to the Kitzsteinhorn massif, 15 years after their earlier exploration in this massif. The main goal was Zefereth^hle with the hope of deepening it below the former -580 m. New series were explored, but the depth increased by 5 m only. The way to Feichtnerschacht has been not found.

Zeferethohohle, -250, Prachtstolen, ph. M. Ciszewski
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Leoganger Steinberge 2004 - disappointments and hopes - Andrzej Ciszewski

Ice lake, ph. J. Nowak

KKTJ expedition of 19 people, led by Andrzej Ciszewski, continued exploration in this massif between 20 July and 30 August . Krecia cave was deepened from 350 to -541 m where it ended in narrow fissures. It does not offer many hopes for communication with "Lampo". A draught in Furkaschacht was another problem. After a series of shafts a narrow meander became too narrow after 300 m.

Comp on massif, ph. J. Nowak
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-85/300 m - diving in tauz - Włodzimierz Szymanowski

Four cave divers continued exploration of the Tauz resurgence in the Bihor Mountains of Romania. From the earlier attained depth of 85 m the sumps starts rising steeply.
M. Kopertowski is prepering to dive, ph. W. Szymanowski
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Resurgences of Bosnia and Montenegro - Włodzimierz Szymanowski

Six divers with two companions went for cave diving to Romania. Heavy rains made them change the plans and go to Montenegro. They dived to 80 m in the 107 m deep Orahovacka Ljuta. The next divings were in Buna Vrelo (the greatest resurgence in the Balkans) and Bunica. On the way to Poland, the team dived in Croatia in Izvor Cetina, Izvor Sinjac and Izvor Vukovac.

Buna Vrelo resurgerence, ph. W. Szymanowski

Caves of the Andaman coast - Andrzej Wojtoń

Andrzej Wojtoń describes his trip to tourist caves at the Malaysian coast of the Andaman Sea. Most of these caves are flooded tunnels visited in boats, that give access to lagoons surrounded by vertical limestone cliffs. More inland, some caves are used by Buddhists for religious purposes. Viking Cave on the Koh Phi Phi Don island in Thailand is famous for its highly valued swallow nests.

One of lagoons connected to the outside world trough cave only , ph. A. Wojtoń.

The deepest resurgences of Italia

Włodzimierz Szymanowski with colleagues visited the deepest resurgences of Italia: Elefante Bianco (-186 m), Sorgente Gorgazzo (-131 m), Pozzo del Merro (-125 m), Sorgente Mulino (-117 m), Su Gologone (-108 m) i Sorgente Pollaccia (-100 m). The author briefly describes the main characteristics of the resurgences.

Pozzo del Mero hole, ph. W Szymanowski


New discoveries and surveys in Poland

Skora Cave, encountered during earthworks in Silesia, is 32 m long with some prospect for digging in
rubble. A new cave in gypsum karst near Busko ZdrUj is 9 m-long Szynszylki Cave in AleksandrUw.
A surveying action in the Ma3e Pieniny range near the Slovak boundary resulted in surveying of 19 caves
with the total length of 257 m. The longest is Jameriskowa Cave (57 m). The extremely narrow 8 mlong
Graniczna Cave penetrates under the boundary line.

Number and distribution of caves in the Kraków-Wieluń Upland

The article deals with the caves located in the Kraków-Wieluń Upland. The number and morphometric data of the caves are presented. There are 1804 caves registered in this area. Their total length is 31 482 m. The longest cave is Jaskinia Wierna (1027 m) while the deepest one is Jaskinia Studnisko (-77,5 m). Both caves are situated in the northern part of the Upland.

Michal Gradziński, Grzegorz Haczewski, Jakub Nowak, Mariusz Szelerewicz
Andrzej Ciszewski, Marcin Furtak, Agnieszka Gajewska, Maja Szelerewicz, Tenata Tęczar, Andrzej Wojtoń
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