Deepest caves discoveried by polish cavers.

Lamprechtsofen - world deepest cave

Polish cavers have been exploring Lamprechtsofen cave in Leoganger Steinberge massif in Austria since 1973 year. In August 1995 expedition lead by Andrzej Ciszewski (KKTJ of Cracow) joined Vogelschacht to "Lampo" which gave world second deepest cave 1632 m. of den and greatest traverse between entrances (1521 m.) After joining (August 1998) discoveried in 1992 cave PL1992/2 Lamprechtsofen is now world deepest cave.
HERE is the section of Lampo, Vogel and Pl1992/2


In 1980 polish expedition in Hoher Goll massif in Austria discovered new cave. It was called Jubilaumschacht (Jubilee Pit) becouse polish exploration in Austria activity had started in 1970, ten years earlier. In 1980 cavers reached in this cave point -475. In next year 1981, next expedition has descended in Jubilaumschacht to -1173 m.
It is still the deepest cave discovered and explored only by polish expeditions.
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Bleikogel Höhle

In July/August 1996 cavers from Żagań (Poland): K.Cygan, M.Furtak, R.Kondratowicz, T.Kuźnicki, Z.Lapunow, D.Oleksy, R.Świ¹tek, J.Wiśniewski and R.Wójcik reached -1011 m. in Bleikogel höhle (P-35, old name was Hedwig Höhle) in Tennengebirge massif in Austria. In 1997 this same team made this cave 10 m deeper and now it has -1021 m.
According to discoverers cave is rather easy in visiting. Way to the bottom and return, on hanging ropes takes about 15 hours.(3 hours-descend of two people-team)
HERE is the section of Bleikogel Höhle